Technology transfer


We apply our high specialization and knowledge in the development of applications and computer tools

An important part of the results obtained at the Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering is reflected in the development of computer applications.

Software represents an excellent means for transferring results to companies, and at IIAMA, we strive to achieve this by designing applications that are useful, flexible, and easy to use for the client. Additionally, as the authors of the programs, we can make adaptations and developments according to the client’s needs. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

The following are the computer programs currently developed at IIAMA


The analysis program for hydrological extreme frequencies


Decision support system for the planning and management of water resources


BioControl EDARs

Autoformation and support tool for the observation and microbiological characterization of active sludge


Mathematical model for the joint evaluation of leachate and biogas production in municipal solid waste landfills


Simulator of urban wastewater treatment plants – WWTP

EPANET 2.00.12 ESP

Software That Models the Hydraulic and Water Quality Behavior of Water Distribution Piping Systems


Extension of ArcGIS for the agronomic and hydraulic management of irrigation in communities of pressure irrigation registers


Efficient control of the aeration system and the nutrient disposal process


Software for the calculation of precipitation-contribution in water quality integrated network sections

QGISRed v0.16

Free professional software to build and analyse Advanced Water Distribution Network Models and Digital Twins


Model of hydrological and hydraulic simulation of physically distributed type, based and oriented to mountain watersheds

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