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PhD Studies



The IIAMA takes part with professorship in the Official Postgraduate Master Program of the Universitat Politècnica de València in 2 official Masters of Science: the Master of Science on Environment Engineering and the Master of Science in Hydraulic Engineering and Environment.

The aim of the University Master in Environmental Engineering is to train professionals in techniques to mitigate the effects of environmental contamination. The aim is to combine the needs of industry with sustainable development and respect for the environment.

The Master’s course contains two specialities:

  • Management of Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Environmental Engineering in Natural Media

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The University Master on Hydraulic Engineering and Environment takes the experts’ training as an aim in hydraulic engineering and environment from a point of view so much professionally as researcher. On the other hand, the European Water Framework Directive, 2000 implies the need of professionals’ training from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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PhD Studies

Many IIAMA researchers also lecture on subjects included in the tertiary cycle as a way of transferring their knowledge to society. At the present time this teaching is centred on the Doctorate program of the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, with which IIAMA is closely associated.

The success of the Program is shown by the more than 50 doctoral theses that have been defended in recent years under the supervision of IIAMA staff members. Many of the theses have been the result of lines of advanced research carried out in the Institute, which was given a quality award by the Spanish Education and Science Ministry in 2004.

The Doctorate Program was recently adapted to the new study plan and is now known as “Water and Environmental Engineering”. Its aims are to produce experts in fields related to water supply and the environment and is designed for university graduates from a wide range of engineering and scientific subjects.

The Program of Doctorate of Engineering of the Water and Environmental (in forward PDIAM) of Valencia’s Technical University is stimulated by the Hydraulic engineering and Environment department (DIHMA) and by the Research Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (IIAMA) of the above mentioned university. This program was born with the name of “Hydraulic Engineering and Environment” in the frame of the RD185/1985, when there moves to the departments the responsibility of the Doctorate organization, being assigned to the DIHMA. The big research lines of the PDIAM have not been modified substantially throughout all this time, and at present they can be summarized in the following ones:

      • Water resource systems integrated management
      • Water networks
      • Groundwater hydrology
      • Sustainability and efficient management of the natural environment
      • Treatment of solid and liquid residues
      • Contamination and water quality
      • Hydraulic modeling
      • Surface hydrology

The program is checked in the frame of the new RD 99/2011 and supports the Education Department Excellence Mention from the first summons.

The subjects taught within the Program include a wide range associated with Water Systems and the Environment, such as: Design and Analysis of Water Supply Networks, Water Resource Management, Surface and Ground Waters, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Environmental Impact, Waste Water Treatment, etc.

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