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We transform scientific knowledge into environmental solutions for our surroundings

Greetings to the IIAMA Management

The Research Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (IIAMA) aims to drive scientific and technical research, as well as promote specialized education and technical advisory services in all areas related to water.

With a clear focus on technology transfer and collaboration with companies and public organizations, at IIAMA-UPV, we are aware of our responsibility as a strategic player in the innovation sector to address new challenges related to water and the environment.

To achieve this, we have a highly qualified team of over 100 individuals, including approximately 55 Ph.D. holders, 15 of whom are professors, and 37 non-doctoral researchers. This team is dedicated to promoting multidisciplinary research under the principles of professionalism, rigor, transparency, experience, and sustainability.

Water and the environment are our purpose, and R&D&I is our tool to ensure their enduring presence over time.

Let us leverage our millennia-old tradition in water resource management to continue being leaders

Direccion IIAMA 2024

Managing Board


Manuel Pulido Velázquez

Phone: 96 387 96 16  (Ext.: 79616)


Joaquín Serralta Sevilla

Phone: 96 387 93 40  (Ext.: 79340)

Joaquín Serralta Sevilla


Javier Rodrigo Ilarri

Phone: 96 387 70 00 (Ext.: 88970)

Management and administration of IIAMA

Joaquín Serralta Sevilla

Management and promotion

Carlos Alfonso García Meseguer

Phone:  96 387 98 20 (Ext.: 79820)

Joaquín Serralta Sevilla

Administrative Director

Vicente Montes García

Phone:  96 387 98 20  (Ext.: 79820)

Joaquín Serralta Sevilla


Ainara Hernández Bernabeu

Phone:  96 387 70 00  (Ext.: 78249)

Contact us

Tel. 96 387 98 20


Polytechnic City of Innovation, Building 8G
Access D, 5th Floor
Camino de Vera S/N – Postal Code: 46022
Valencia – Spain

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