Method for the treatment of residual waters and installation to carry out such method





The present invention relates to an installation and a method for treating wastewater, in which at least part of the microbiological treatment is anaerobic, the recovery of the different gases, especially CO2, H2 and CH4, recirculation of part of the CH4 into the treatment tank, and membrane filtration of the treated water so that the produced sludge including microorganisms, remain in the system for sufficient time performing the process.

the present invention allows for:

Enhanced anaerobic process with membrane separation for the removal of the organic matter in wastewater.
Chemical and energy use of the waste gases.
Reduction of sludge arising from waste water purification process, minimizing the environmental impact associated with its disposal.


Inventors: José Ferrer Polo; Aurora Seco Torrecillas; Alberto Bouzas Blanco; Joaquín Serralta Sevilla; Josep Ribes Bertomeu; Francisca García Usach

Priorities: ES200701722A·2007-06-21

Application: ES200701722A·2007-06-21

Published as ES2315178A1; ES2315178B2


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