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The Forestry Science and Technology research group, Re-ForeST, was created in December 2008 by resolution of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) Research Vice-rector.reforest
This group belongs to the Official Register of Research Structures of the UPV. It has among its objectives:

    • To create a common structure that brings together UPV researchers in the forestry and environmental field, which were dispersed until now.
    • Create a reference in environmental forestry research at the Universitat Politècnica de València in order to facilitate, on the one hand, the flow of information and research initiatives among the members, and on the other, the dissemination of activities and results to the outside (UPV, Valencian society, academic and scientific world, etc.)
    • Offer the services of this structure to students interested in forestry research: access to laboratories and other infrastructures, specific postgraduate education, conducting doctoral theses (PhD) and other research work, etc.
    • Improve competitiveness in participation in public calls for research and development.
    • Facilitate links with other research groups.

The research group is composed of UPV staff from different departments and centers, who have as a common link, research in forestry and the environment from its ecological bases to the final product. This allows for skillful and qualified researchers to cover the field, ranging from physical-chemical-biological processes in soil, atmosphere, water and plants to policy and forest governance, through the techniques of forest management and planning: forestry, restoration, forest ordination and hydrology. In this way, the group presents a solid basis for addressing multidisciplinary research, such as those related to global change and the response of the sector in a transversal way.

Responsible of group

Antonio Luis Lidón Cerezuela

Associate Professor

Profesores y personal investigador

Carlos Dopazo González

Assistant Professor

Cristina Lull Noguera

Assistant Professor

Research Support Staff

Joana Oliver Talens

Laboratory Technician

Contact us

Phone: 96 387 98 20


Polytechnic City of Innovation, Building 8G
Access D, 5th Floor
Camino de Vera S/N - Postal Code: 46022
Valencia - Spain

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